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Hluhluwe Panorama:  An epic composite of African wildlife done in the tradition of the Life magazine fold-outs, all from photos taken in or near Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa


Male and Female Basiliscus plumifrons,
Cahuita, Costa Rica


Green Heron, Butorides striatus
Los Olivos, California


Bullfrog,  Rana catesbiana
Los Olivos, California


Red-breasted sapsucker,
Sphyrapicus varius
Los Olivos, California


Swallowtail butterflies
Akumal, Yucatan, Mexico


Bighorn Sheep
South Central Washington State


Spiny tailed iguana,
Ctenosaurus similis
Cozumel, Mexico


American crocodile,
Crocodylus acutus
Rio Tarcoles, Costa Rica


California pitcher plant
Darlingtonia californica
Shasta County, California


Red Shouldered Hawk with rat
Buteo lineatus
Los Olivos, California
Look carefully to see the rat at his feet


Male Anna's Hummingbird
Calypte anna
Los Olivos, California
Just the right angle to capture the iridescent feathers


Turkey Vultures
Cathartes aura
Santa Ynez, California
Undeterred by the powerful eu de skunk!