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South Africa is famous for its incredible biological diversity.  It is the convergence of four Floristic Regions (Takhtajan, Armen, Floristic Regions of the World, University of California Press, 1986).  These are superimposed over a wide variety of geo-climatic regimes.


The Province of KwaZulu Natal is located in the temperate eastern part of South Africa where it receives summer rainfall.


Many of the most iconic ornamental garden plants of Southern California come from this region, including coral trees, bird-of-paradise, and many others.  They are tolerant of cool weather, even a little frost in some areas.


Here they are part of the eco- system and have specific relationships with the wild animals.


This includes the whole gamut of big- game animals for which Africa is so famous!


As seems to be a general rule about South Africa, there is a wide variety of succulents, large and small.


Another general rule is that there are a lot of bulbs.


Albizia adianthifolia, the "Flat-top", a spectacular tree that would probably grow quite well in Southern California


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